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HR Services Now Available

We’re excited to announce that Alpine Talent Partners now offers modern HR services for early to mid-stage companies.
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What We Do

We save you time, money, and frustration.

As a leader tasked with finding the right talent to grow your team, you have infinite demands on your time and budget. Which is why you can’t afford to outsource your hiring to amateurs who don’t know you or your culture. You need a partner.

A partner who operates as your in-house recruiting agency — at a fraction of the cost. If you’re tired of the endless churn from recruiting agencies who care more about making a buck than making a match, your search is over.

How We’re Unique with recruiting

Our Traditional Model

Not your grandfather’s contingency model. We offer a volume discount in which each additional hire costs you less than the previous hire. The more we deliver, the less you pay.

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Our Alpine Model

Dodge big contingency fees while maximizing alignment. We partner with your internal HR team and work alongside your hiring managers to deliver results at a competitive hourly rate. This method typically costs 1/3 to 1/2 of the average contingency fee. We become your on-demand, in-house recruiter.

Alpine executive search

Our team of Talent Advisors deliver top-tier executive searches to a variety of industries. From CTO to CMO, we have you covered to find the absolute best leaders to drive your organization forward.

Who We Serve

“ATP integrated with our hiring seamlessly. In under three weeks they had multiple sales candidates tee’d up, and we hired two. Not only was working with ATP a win for us, we paid much less than we had before using external agencies. It will be an easy decision to bring them onboard again during our next growth phase.”

Justin Levitas

Head of Sales Threat-X

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Recruiting Science: Why Warmth Matters

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